Blue and White Mini Ginger Jar with 20 Bamboo Picks

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Bamboo and Rose Mini Ginger Jar with 20 Bamboo Picks in Gift Box.

Assorted 3 Floral Patterns.

 Hand-Painted Porcelain/Bamboo/Plastic Pearl.

Great for entertaining!

We have shrunk our Large traditional Ginger Jar into a mini pick jar! Makes for a charming statement in your kitchen. Beautifully hand-painted porcelain each packed in a gift box.
  • Blue and White hand-painted porcelain
  • Assorted 3 traditional Floral Patterns
  • Each Jar comes with 20 reusable bamboo picks
  • Each bamboo stick has a beautiful and shiny pearl
  • Mini jars can also be used to hold any of your tiny Knick knacks